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The West Hollywood Years

Collection | 1986-1989

Video still from “Evangelust” by George Kuchar, screened at EZTV, 1988


In 1986, Michael J. Masucci created the West Hollywood Sign and as a result was named Co-Artistic Director. He greatly expanded the programming to include more and more live performance art and interactive projects. He reached out to the greater arts community and served as a member of the Board of Directors for a number of non-profit organizations, including the Fringe Festival in Los Angeles, AVAZ International Dance Theater, and served on the Arts Advisory Board for the Los Angeles Free Clinic.

Created by Michael J. Masucci, this West Hollywood sign became a city landmark and tourist attraction, 1986

A Madonna impressionist posing by the West Hollywood Sign during the unveiling event, 1986

In 1988, John Dorr began a three-year collaboration with Lewis Macadams, producing the 26-part documentary series of leading writers called “The Lannon Literary Series”. These were included in library collections across the U.S. and were screened on various TV outlets.

Active participation from EZTV’s core group members diversified the exhibitions, so no one curatorial voice overpowered the programming. James Williams introduced controversial wall art. Michael J. Masucci expanded the focus of EZTV and encouraged the exhibition of computer based arts. He, along with artists such as Victor Acevedo and ia Kamandalu, hosted many showings of digital art - something rare at the time.

performance art at eztv, 1986-1994

A compilation of outrageous and sometimes controversial live performances at EZTV between the years 1986 thru 1994. Included in this compilation are:

Performance artists Kari French & Bliss O'Rama
John Fleck riding on a bus between EZTV and Downtown LA
Johanna Went
Victoria Looseleaf, Mark Gash, and Frank More
Writers Wanda Coleman & Harlan Ellison

The West hollywood years collection




Poster for feature-film “A Bigger Splash” starring David Hockney, revival screening at EZTV, 1986

Bad TV, 1986

Nina Barlow & Michael J. Masucci

VHS cover for “The Charles Bukowski Tapes”, a 4-hour long marathon of Bukowski witticisms, American premiere at EZTV from the French TV series, 1986

Shakespeare Travesty, 1986

Tomato du Plenty

Unveiling of the West Hollywood Sign, 1986


The West Hollywood Sign, 1986

Poster for Eric Bogosian “Funhouse”, premiered and created at EZTV, 1986

Profile on Keith Haring, part of a video series on leading artists, 1986

Beasteology, 1986

Dan Chapman & Michael J. Masucci

Still from one of the video screenings by Jean-Luc Godard at EZTV, 1986

Fun House, 1986

Eric Bogosian

Acting Workshop at EZTV, 1986

Phoebe Wray

Video still from “Lemuria”, EZTV’s biggest VHS hit, 1986

Horror film legend Vincent Price wishing EZTV a Happy Halloween, 1986

Bob Flanagan & Sheri Rose “Needles and Pins” art show, 1987

John Dorr's Tour of EZTV, 1986


Invitation to Aron Ranen video production and editing class at EZTV, 1987

VHS cover of “Dark Romances”, a feature-length horror series by Mark Sheppard & Pat Miller, 1987

Horace Tapscott Fringe Festival Promo, 1987

Boss Poetry, 1987

S.A. Griffin

LP vinyl record soundtrack for “Desperate Teenage Lovedolls”, a feature-length rock and roll parody by Dave Markey, 1987

Michael J. Masucci photographed for an LA Times article, 1987

An Astral Tea Party, 1987

Invitation for the multimedia live theater piece “An Astral Tea Partyby Strawn Bovee1987

24 Hours of Art, 1987


Do It Yourself for Poets, 1987

John Dorr

VHS cover for “The Right Side of My Brain” by Richard Kern, screened at EZTV, 1987

Los Angeles Festival program cover, a region-wide festival produced by Peter Sellers, 1987

Blue Eyes, 1988

Kenneth Hughes

Allen Ginsberg & Don Was, 1988

Lewis Macadams & John Dorr

Poster for a campaign rally for Politican Abbe Land held at EZTV, 1988

EZTV New Year Countdown, 1988


VHS cover for Allen Ginsberg poetry reading & performance, produced and screened at EZTV, 1988

Henry Miller 84, NO. 2, 1988

John Hunt

Poster for “Journey to Lila”, a live performance art ritual by Frank Moore and company, 1988

Video still from “Evangelust” by George Kuchar, screened at EZTV, 1988

Poster of a compilation horror film series featuring 4 EZTV filmmakers, 1988

VHS cover for “Personal Problems” by Ishmael Reed, produced and screened by EZTV, 1988

Video still of the live multi-media performance “Minds Eye 2025” by Zina Bethune and EZTV, 1988

Poster for “Dance Outreach in the People's Republic Of China”, a profile of Zina Bethune1989

Dance Outreach in the People’s Republic of China: A Profile of Zina Bethune, 1989

Poster for “Theater of Dreams (I Thought This Is What You Wanted)”, video art piece by Vertical Blanking1989

Plastikos, 1988