EZTV Artists: In memoriam

EZTV Artists:
In memoriam

As a community-based, artist-run organization, the heart of EZTV could not exist without the help and artistic efforts made by our members, friends, family, and fellow collaborators. Throughout the decades, we have had the honor and privilege of working with many gifted artists. Here is a partial list of those who have passed on and who were important to the story and legacy of EZTV.

John Dorr
Kate Johnson
Lewis MacAdams
Patric Prince
Mark Gash
Tony Longson
Mark Shepard
Dr. Timothy Leary
Zina Bethune
Patrick Wall
Laura Harlan Ward
James “Dillinger” Baker
Wallace Potts
Lee Reherman
Harlan Ellison
Mike Hodel
Robert Altman
Benedict Falvo
Eve Baker
Savannah Sue Bentley
Earl Miller
Ron Hays
Jay Thompson
James Bridges
Bob Kane
Tim Taylor
Victor Davis
Doran Kidd
Tomata du Plenty
Mary Christmas
Liza Keith
Donna Geib
Lucy Roucis
Jaime Walters
Mark Addy
Jack Larson
Jack Capese
Phoebe Wray