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EZTV's New Years Eve Countdown, 1988


Michael J. Masucci's West Hollywood Sign (1986-1991) was used by EZTV as a 'West Coast version of Times Square' for this one-time-only public event. EZTV generously hosted inside the gallery a champagne and popcorn party open to all, before and after the ‘Video Countdown’ to 1988. The MC for the event was Sondra Lowell.

EZTV's John Dorr originally intended this to become an annual event. The event was a big success but was never attempted again as one of the guests, a stranger attending the party, attempted suicide in one of EZTV's bathrooms during the festivities. This emotionally and greatly impacted EZTV's future willingness to be so open to the general public at large, resulting in far more curated events.

EZTV's New Years Eve Countdown


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