documentaries on Eztv

Over the decades, various producers and journalists have created documentary profiles on EZTV and its core artists. These profiles serve as time-capsules to the work being produced and exhibited at EZTV, as well as giving keen insights into the nature and personalities of the key persons involved with EZTV’s evolution.

In 1999, Nina Rota created a 30-minute profile “Who Needs Hollywood” on founder John Dorr and EZTV, which premiered as part of the American Film Institute’s weekend long tribute to EZTV’s 20th anniversary:

Masucci addressing the H+ Conference at CatTech

In 1992, shortly before the death of John Dorr, West Hollywood Cable TV producer Phil Zarecki did a documentary on EZTV and its staff, which includes the last known video footage of John Dorr:

EZTV’s earliest known national broadcast attention in 1985 was a segment from a news show on PBS’s KVCR Inland Empire affiliate. The segment was included in PBS stations’ programming nationwide:

The earliest known television appearance by John Dorr, and the early days of EZTV, was from a local Public Access television program called “Filmmakers Forum”. Hosted by Rick Pamplin, this show is a 30-minute interview with Dorr: