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This website was originally suggested in 2004, at SIGGRAPH by Patricia Johnson (no relation to Kate Johnson), an educational consultant at Adobe, Inc, and SIGGRAPH participant.
This current website and online museum is largely an autoethnographic work by writer/curator Michael J. Masucci and serves as his official narrative of the major events associated with EZTV, CyberSpace Gallery and its affiliates. Additional content provided by Kate Johnson. Essays included are authored by several persons. The information presented in the history sections is asserted as factual, while the essays included are solely the opinions of their authors.

  • Co-Artistic Director: Kate Crash
  • Contributing Assistant, Web Editor & Designer: Anais Montoya
  • Images, video and other documentation for CyberSpace Gallery provided by Victor Acevedo.
  • The LA Woman Project was conceived and directed by Kate Crash.
The contributions made by David Frantz, curator at USC ONE Archives, Alex Donis, curator of COLAB, part of Pacific Standard Time, a Getty Museum initiative, staged at 18th Street Arts Center, and Joan Collins, Chair Emeritus of ACM LA-SIGGRAPH were essential in the creation of this project.

Collaborations, partners, and clients

18th Street Arts Center
Academy of Dance on Film
American Choreography Awards
American Film Institute
Association of Independent Video & Filmmakers
Barnsdall Art Park
BRAVO Channel
Burning Man
CalArts-Alpert Awards in the Arts
California Arts Council
California Governor & First Ladies Conference on Women & Families 2004-05
Carnegie Hall
Cultural + Planning Group
CyberArts International Conference 
Dance Camera West 
DV Expo

Eli Broad – Ambrosia/Megavision Arts 
Finnish Foundation for the Visual Arts
Fringe Festival/Los Angeles
Getty Center
Global Entertainment & Media Summit 
Highways Performance Space
The History Channel
Institute of Contemporary Art (London)
Internet World
Japan American Cultural Center
LA FreeWaves
Lannon Foundation
Lester Horton Awards
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
Loretta Livingston & Dancers

Los Angeles Art Fair
Los Angeles Convention Center
Los Angeles County Arts Commission
Los Angeles Festival
Los Angeles Macintosh User’s Group
Los Angeles Theater Center
Luckman Art Center
Museum of Modern Art (New York)
Otis College of Art & Design
Pasadena Convention Center
Pepperdine University
School of Visual Arts (New York)
TEKES (Finnish Technology Agency)
Track 16/Bergamot Station

Special Thanks & Acknowledgement

The EZTV and CyberSpace Gallery Online Museum gratefully acknowledges the indispensable help, in both resources, input, critique and development of the following individuals and organizations, whose efforts have resulted in this online archive of videos and ephemera:

Pascaline Morincôme & Sibylle de Laurens

Yekhan Pinarligil & Mica Gherghescu,
Kandinsky Library, Centre Pompidou

David Evans Frantz, Curator, & Loni A Shibuyama, Archivist, ONE, National Gay & Lesbian Archives, USC Library
Genie Guerard, Manuscripts Librarian, UCLA Library Special Collections
Victor Acevedo
Nicole Rademacher
Joan Collins, Chair Emeritis, LA-SIGGRAPH
Alex Donis, Curator, COLAB, Pacific Standard Time
Jan Williamson, Executive Director, 18th Street Arts Center
Robert Gelman, BGA Media
Michael Kearns

Gaspard Nectoux

Leia Tice

Kesh Kaipaka

Donna Sternberg

Susanna B. Dakin

Santa Monica Arts Commission
Stefano Di Paola, Project Associate, ONE, National gay & lesbian Archives, USC Library
Andrea Foenandar, graduate student, RCA, London
Clayton Cambell
Kate Crash
Nina Rota
Barbara T. Smith

EZTV Archive is an organization-in-residence at the 18th Street Art Center, Santa Monica, CA.