The EZTV Salon

The EZTV Salons are a natural extension of the curatorial diversity always present at EZTV. Conceived and created by Kate Johnson, with co-producer Michael J. Masucci, the Salons began as a less formal and more inclusive way to integrate many cultural perspectives. These additional presentations included issues of social justice and law (Johnson began presenting lectures in collaboration with California Lawyers for the Arts) and expanded to include architecture, performance, music and virtual spaces. 

Since Johnson’s passing in March 2020, the Salons have reimagined themselves once again, this time with the addition of a core producing group including David Raiklin, Joan Collins, Diane Piepol, Kate Crash, Victor Acevedo, Michael Wright , Robert Gelman, Donna Sternberg, Dave Curlender and Henry Gold.

The current focus is the migration from site-specific events to non-location based streaming based experiences which merge the traditions of live television, performance, cinema with the immediacy of the virtual and augmented space.

Depending on the time of year, salons take place on a weekly or monthly basis. 
To be invited to an upcoming Salon, please email Michael J. Masucci at

salon lectures & events

Computer Art - Presenting a Critical Voice, 2014

Andrea Foenander