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Unfinished projects

Video still of Carol Cetrone in Mark Gash's unfinished project "Le Mois Dernier", 1986

Sometimes good ideas never get realized.
In addition to the many videos, performances, and events which were completed and exhibited at EZTV, a number of viable and very promising projects remained unfinished or abandoned. Some of these notable unfinished works include:


Trailer for an unfinished documentary about leading performance Butoh and dance artists in Japan in 1990. Inspired by Kurcfeld's 2-part LA Weekly series on the subject, this was intended to be a feature-length documentary, but was never completed.

Directed by Michael Kurcfeld
Produced by Lewis MacAdams & Masa Mikage
Camera by John Dorr

Le Mois dernier, 1986

Part faux movie trailer, parody for performance art, and farce based on concept by artist & writer Mark Gash (1955-2000). Gash imagined creating a long-form version of the video with Michael J. Masucci, but it never was realized.

Produced by Michael J. Masucci .
Concept by Mark Gash.

Other projects not shown include:

"The Savannah Bentley Tapes" by John Dorr & Michael J. Masucci
"The Three Cassandras" by John Dorr 
"The Dark Bob Movie" by John Dorr