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The West Hollywood sign, 1986

Mark Shepard

EZTV's Michael J. Masucci's large scale work of 'sculptural graffiti’.

The West Hollywood Sign became an international hit, a tourist destination, and place for WeHo politicians to pose in front of. It stood up on a hill in West Hollywood next to the EZTV gallery. 

It's unveiling ceremony was part performance art, part site-specific installation, and part art world parody.

This video documentation by Freeples Video includes speeches by EZTV founder John Dorr and Masucci, as well as an official unveiling by MC Annie Gaybis - a send-up of pop and film culture, fame, and monumentality.

The work stood from 1986-1991. People would keep stealing letters from the sign, which members of EZTV would continue to replace until they eventually grew tired of making new letters. As the letters continued to be stolen, the sign slowly disappeared…

The West Hollywood Sign


Michael J. Masucci, John Dorr, Annie Gaybis

Freeples Video