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24 Hours of art, 1987


Fringe Festival/Los Angeles, in connection with the Los Angeles Festival, held as one of its hundreds of events "24 Hours of Art" in which a number of art buses (school buses modified to become moving sculptures) spent 24 consecutive hours visiting 24 different art sites around town.

For one of these hours, they stopped at EZTV's parking lot, home of the West Hollywood Sign, to experience several live art related parodies. The gathering was introduced by Anneliese Viraldiev and Michael J. Masucci.

"Nap" by Sondra Lowell, was a short take-off of Andy Warhol's film "Sleep". (Lowell, KABC's 'Tap Dancing Newscaster’, would eventually go on to present a Warhol-authorized 8 hour stage version of "Sleep").

"Mother Earth & Father Time are Getting a Divorce” was a performance piece by M'Lissa Mayo, which addressed the over-concern for art's importance in a world of environmental and political crisis.

24 Hours of Art


Anneliese Viraldiev, Michael J. Masucci, Sondra Lowell, M'Lissa Mayo