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The West Hollywood Years

Collection | 1990-1994

Video still from a live multimedia performance “Bird of Passage” by Zina Bethune and Michael J. Masucci, 1990


In 1992, as a subspace of EZTV, Michael J. Masucci and Patric Prince founded CyberSpace Gallery with the help of artists Victor Acevedo, ia Kamandalu, Michael Wright, intern Lisa Tripp, and others. CyberSpace Gallery was among the world’s first galleries dedicated to digital art and in 1995, launched one of the very first websites exhibiting digital art.
Founder John Dorr died of AIDS complications in 1993. Masucci then became Director and named ia Kamandalu as Vice-President. Over time, and in partnership with Kate Johnson, they transitioned the space, allowing for its survival and the preservation of its early history. EZTV left West Hollywood and operated out of three subsequent spaces whilst participating in several joint locations with other groups.
Now having existed longer without its founder John Dorr, EZTV relocated to the 18th Street Arts Center - far longer than at any of its previous locations.

The West hollywood years collection




Catalog for a computer art show curated by Patric Prince, 1990

Luis Alfaro at EZTV, 1990


Video still from “Live From the 21st Century”, an uncompleted Japanese performance art project, 1990

The Battle of the Bards, 1990

Lewis Macadams & John Dorr

Program for a 4-month long series on trends in independent video, “West Hollywood: Conversations in Video”, 1990

Ulysses Jenkins' Telematic Performances, 1990

Ulysses Jenkins

Video still from a live multimedia performance “Bird of Passage” by Zina Bethune and Michael J. Masucci, 1990

Todd Machover & Ensemble at CyberArts, 1990

Postcard for “West Hollywood: Conversations in Video”, curator Rebecca Allen, 1990

Newspaper photo of environmental activist Patrick Wall of Earth Alert, in collaboration with EZTV, 1990

Kembra Pfahler performance artist screening and exhibition at EZTV, 1990

Robert Altman’s “Tanner '88”, originally produced for HBO, screened at EZTV, 1990

Poster for ART LA 91 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, featuring EZTV artists, 1991

Poster for “Fantastica”, art festival for the LA free clinic, produced by EZTV, 1991

Program for American Film Institute’s “National Video Festival”, named that year in honor of John Dorr1993

Cover of book “Cyber Arts: Exploring Art & Technology”, includes a chapter by Michael J. Masucci1993

Art show for re-opening of the Los Angeles Convention Center with a special exhibit “Fast Art for an Accelerated Culture”, curated by Michael J. Masucci1993

Program for the last event at EZTV West Hollywood “T.D.’s Tell All!”, produced by LA-SIGGRAPH, 1994