the Archives & Collections

Many of the materials presented in this online museum come from the Michael J. Masucci & Kate Johnson Media Arts Collection (aka the EZTV Archives)
In addition to this online museum and archive, there are several physical collections of the actual materials used in creating this online museum, as well as many other materials. These collections can be made available to scholars and researchers. These collections include:
Patric Prince (art historian, curator and co-founder of EZTV’s CyberSpace Gallery) at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
The Michael J. Masucci and Kate Johnson collection @ ONE Gallery, National Gay & Lesbian Archives at USC.
 The Michael J. Masucci Antique Hardware Collection at 18th Street Arts Center.

Additionally, online links to a password-protected selection of videos, which are not publicly available, may be available to scholars. Please contact the curators here for further information.

The Michael J. Masucci & Kate Johnson Media Arts Collection

Approximately 1,000 analog and digital videotapes have been preserved in this collection, comprising a period of over 40 years, in addition to various accompanying posters, press clippings and numerous original art works. Although some copies of these tapes are already included in other collections, and a few even went onto international distribution, many of these tapes constitute the only known examples of the projects made by these artists.
The collection is important for a number of its assets, including a large collection of early LGBTQ works, and equally important for its collection of seminal digital art events, and live performance events, mostly staged at EZTV.
The collection contains not only original media productions, in a variety of genres, but also some important video documentation of Los Angeles’ diverse cultural climate, including performance art, poetry, political advocacy, lectures as well as many art openings, and live multimedia productions.
Among the collection are many original writings by EZTV founder John Dorr, dating back to his student days in the 1960′s, at Yale. These writings, and other Dorr-related materials as well as a large collection of work of interest to LGBTQ researchers will go, appropriately, to ONE, the National Gay & Lesbian Archives, part of the libraries at USC. Other parts of the collection, especially the collections of digital art, poetry and performance art, will find equally suitable homes.
In addition to the videos and associated ephemera, the collection has preserved forty years of video production equipment, cameras as well as decks: 1″, and 1/2″ reel-to-reel video, Betamax, 3/4 U-Matic, VHS, S-VHS, Betacam, video8, Hi-8, DV, DVCAM, digital8, HDV and HD. Personal computers, dating back to the early 1980′s are included as well.