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March 15 – June 1, 2014   ONE Archives Gallery & Museum 626 North Robertson Boulevard West Hollywood, CA 90069   Screening and opening reception: Saturday, March 15, 2014 Screening, 5-6:30pm; Reception, 6:30-9pm   Find information on additional programs in conjunction with this exhibition below. ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives presents EZTV: Video Transfer […]

ulysses jenkins

Since Nicola Tesla developed the notion of alternating current, arguably more cultural change has occurred worldwide than in all of our collective human saga. In examples ranging first from electric lighting, to radio, to television, to personal computing and now onto the proliferation of non-location based networked communities, homo sapiens has now entered a world […]

Zina Bethune

(Note: This essay first appeared in the arts blog Practice Based Re/search written by Michael J. Masucci) For the past two years, the middle of February has been a time of emotional depression for EZTV’s Kate Johnson and me.  It was at this time of year when a true force of nature was senselessly taken […]

Michael Kearns Birthday Cake

A mini-review and statement of appreciation:   (Note: This essay first appeared in the arts blog Practice Based Re/search written by Michael J. Masucci)   Michael Kearns is an acclaimed actor, writer, and director. He is also an activist and has, for decades, lived openly as an HIV+ survivor. Michael Kearns is an American hero. […]

kenneth hughes blue eyes

(Note: This essay first appeared in the arts blog Practice Based Re/Search written by Michael J. Masucci)   There has never been a time, in all of recorded history, when art and technology were not intertwined. Each inform the other and both are really an extended continuum of the creative process. Sometimes technology suggests new […]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: EZTV ARCHIVES TO GO TO ONE AT USC, AND UCLA   Major media art projects from EZTV’s collection of over 1,000 videotapes, and related ephemera, and press coverage are being acquired by several specialized archives, and presented as graduate research, in genres ranging from Queer Art, Multimedia Dance, Computer Art, Independent Documentary, […]


I am so pleased that artist/thinker/netizen (and Practice Based Re/search founder) Vanessa Blaylock has joined our project, “In the Dark”. She will be collaborating with the principal artists: choreographer Donna Sternberg, media artist Kate Johnson, and I, in the first section to be staged called “Fly-By”. Composer David Raiklin will be writing original music to […]

RIP Madiba

Video is all too often seen as narcissistic, trivial, or ineffectual. And admittedly, that may be sometimes true. But there have been those moments when a single video took center stage and actually made a difference in the lives of many. Such is the case of a video worth remembering. As we remember the amazing […]

“Whenever my mother tried to beat the gay out of me, I would think about that sign and fantasize about running away to this almost magical place where it was safe to be gay.” – Paulo Murillo, 2013   In the summer of 2013, a young writer poised a question to the public asking if […]


USC’s ONE, the National Gay & Lesbian Archives, is the world’s largest archive of LGBTQ material and the oldest surviving LGBTQ organization in North America. As the first of several public events associated with ONE’s acquisition of much of EZTV’s early archives, New York’s Anthology Film Archives screened an evening of EZTV early work. In […]


A capacity crowd of film lovers convened at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica to see a rare big screen exhibition of the documentary “Luck, Trust & Ketchup – Robert Altman in Carver Country”, presented by the American Cinematheque. The film was a behind the scenes look into the making of Robert Altman’s “Short Cuts”. […]

EZTV's John Dorr

John Dorr’s vision of the wide-spread use and acceptance of feature-length narrative cinema created on home analog video equipment, of course, never came to pass. At least not in the way he envisioned. Even today, almost never is a low-cost narrative feature film widely seen or distributed. The 2013 Academy Award nominated film “The Beasts […]