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A Gathering for Kate Johnson

October 19, 2020

Six Months: September 27, 2020
On September 27, 2020, a small group gathered with social distancing and masks to recognize and share our love for Kate on the six month anniversary of her passing. We met at the huge and ancient ficus tree Morty, at Tongva Park, where Kate’s projection art piece “Spirits of Morty” was commissioned by the City of Santa Monica in 2018. On a clear spring evening, artist Kate brought the 100 year old Moreton fig tree to life with color, images and sound. It was a fitting location to commune with the Spirit of Kate, who we miss and love infinitely.


Michael spoke movingly about Kate, her accomplishments, dreams and life with him. Carol Tingle led us in singing a soulful chorus of “Amazing Grace,” which they had sung together so many times. S. Pearl Sharp read a gorgeous and profound email that Kate had written after her diagnosis about birth and rebirth, her fierce and joyful presence on earth, and her resolution “to live and love fully, and to commit to all of my life fully.” We witnessed her doing just that. Carol, Steven Nue, Nina Rota, Robert Lowden, and Laurie shared memories and thoughts. Ahmed Yehia, Aziz Yehia and Cally Lindle were also present. Kate Crash, who was physically out of the country, put in a special memorial Toba for Kate and the priests of Nichiren Shoshu Temple chanted for her enlightenment.