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EZTV at Kandinsky Library, Centre Pompidou

May 23, 2019

Created and facilitated by researchers Sybille de Laurens and Pascaline Morincome, this four part series of seminars and screenings on early EZTV history, hosted by the Kandinsky Library, Centre Pompidou, in collaboration with the Cinematheque Pompidou, concludes June 21, with a public presentation and lecture by EZTV’s Kate Johnson & Michael J. Masucci.

Johnson & Masucci plan to contextualize EZTV Archives at both 18th Street Arts Center as well as the EZTV Archives which are part of USC’s ONE Archives, within the larger framework by which EZTV inhabits, with a discussion of EZTV’s work in digital art, performance art, documentary, and large scale, site-specific projection art.  Johnson & Masucci also will demonstrate the “living quality” with the presentation of new work.

The four part series started with a discussion of the history and impact on West Hollywood, the second was screening of Blonde Death, the thirds was a screening of EZTV founder Johns Dorr’s “Dorothy & Alan at Norma Place” (the first screening of it since 1985