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EVERYONE WAS INVITED: The Hyphenate Art and Life of Kate Johnson

December 21, 2020

On March 20, 2021, EZTV in collaboration with 18 Street Arts Center will be hosting a free online event commemorating the one-year anniversary of Kate Johnson’s passing.


EVERYONE WAS INVITED: The Hyphenate Art and Life of Kate Johnson
Presented by 18th Street Arts Center
March 20, 2021 | Online

Kate Johnson (1969-2020) was a hyphenate artist. At the start of spring on March 20, 2021, for the one-year anniversary of her passing, an online experience of performances, memories and interaction will awaken recognition of the multiplicity of Johnson’s achievements in her 50 years.

An artist trained in performance, with a 27 year-long full-time career as a professional media artist. An Emmy-award winning documentary filmmaker. A large-scale site-specific projection artist, creating enormous imagery on such iconic LA landmarks as LA’s City Hall. A computer coder, an educator, publisher, musician, archivist and advocate for the preservation of the diversity of experiences that make up the human condition. And an immensely inclusive human being who saw beyond the superficial differences which have divided us according not only to political theory, but along lines of genre, and the illusionary barricades dividing the arts from the sciences.

She was the host of 20 years of in person experiences, she loved to stage parties, melding together the salon with the need for mutual understanding. Everyone was invited. She was, at her core, a uniquely 21st century arts-based practitioner.

Event Produced & Conceived by Futurizing Art 

Confirmed (to date):

Live Performances:

Barbara T. Smith, performance artist

Pearl Sharp, actor & spoken word artist

Mike Garson, pianist, recording artist, David Bowie

Kate Crash, music

Software Development/Remote Technical Production:

Winn Schwartau, F.R.S.A., executive producer

Aaron Lintile, senior scientist & software author


Shane Parton

Video Vignettes:

Alex Donis, artist/curator

Robert Lowden, digital artist

David Evans Frantz, curator

Sibylle de Laurens & Pascaline Morincome, curators/researchers

Charity Wu, Paula Holt, Sue Tsao, Theatrical Producers

Hilary Coe, executive, Space X

Futurizing Art (FA) is a creative initiative to advance production, cultivation, and curation of innovative projects that push well beyond the conventional departmentalist boundaries of genre, medium or sensibility and create enhanced experiences through collaboration between art and the forefront of technology.

Initiated by Kate Crash, Michael J. Masucci & Laurie Yehia, FA seeks to develop site-specific, online, and hybrid formats that include more communities and introduce audiences to the latest milestones in arts-based practices, and to foster a greater appreciation for the already extensive multi-generational canon in the electronic arts.

Image Caption: Kate Johnson, LIBRA, as we witness the careless slip of a scale…, 2005. Video still. Courtesy of EZTV.


(this post was directly sourced from 18th Street)