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Ulysses Jenkins' telematic performances, 1990/2014


Video and telecommunications artist Ulysses Jenkins is a professor at UC Irvine. 

Associated with the seminal Long Beach Museum Video Annex, he first exhibited at EZTV in 1983. In 1990, Jenkins and his multimedia/music group “The Othervisions Art Band” performed at EZTV as part of a month-long series programmed by guest curators Sherrie Rabinowitz and Kit Galloway of Electronic Café International (ECI).  

It featured a live videophone communication between The Othervisions Art Band at EZTV in West Hollywood, CA and The Bonnie Burnette Quartet at ECI in Santa Monica, CA.

Ulysses Jenkins’ Telematic Performances

1990 Performance, 2014 Interview

Ulysses Jenkins, The Othervisions Art Band, The Bonnie Burnette Quartet

Video Documentation