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ONE Archives Presents EZTV in NYC

November 12, 2013


USC’s ONE, the National Gay & Lesbian Archives, is the world’s largest archive of LGBTQ material and the oldest surviving LGBTQ organization in North America.

As the first of several public events associated with ONE’s acquisition of much of EZTV’s early archives, New York’s Anthology Film Archives screened an evening of EZTV early work. In some cases, this was the first public screening of some of these works in almost 30 years.

The screening of both a number of short pieces as well as the feature-length “Blonde Death” took place on November 20, 2013. The works have been selected by ONE’s curator, David Frantz, in collaboration with  Bradford Nordeen of Dirty Looks NYC.

This was ONE’s very first event in New York City.


The program included:

(7PM) __Shorts from EZTV_

Including titles: John Dorr, Sudzall Does It All (excerpt), 1979; Jamie Walters, Louise Nevelson Takes a Bath, 1983; James Williams, Clear Canvas, 1984; Faculty Wives (excerpt); as well as the critically acclaimed Vertical Blanking ( ia Kamandalu & Michael J. Masucci), Theater of Dreams (I Thought This Is What You Wanted), 1989: