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outside looking in: one last visit with dr. timothy leary, 1996

Michael J. Masucci

Possibly the last filmed interview with Dr. Timothy Leary shortly before his death. This insightful and often light-hearted portrait of the experiential pioneer were documented by his friends: EZTV's Michael J. Masucci and Natasha Vita-More. 

Footage includes archival videos from Leary's "How to Operate Your Brain”, multiple live performances at EZTV, and videos by his collaborative partners Retinal Logic, Vertical Blanking, and Hyperdelic Media. The documentary also includes the authorized mash-up re-edit that Leary requested from Vertical Blanking, from footage taken from the Alan Rudolph documentary "Return Engagement". Also includes live performance footage of Leary's guests Dr. Fiorella Terenzi and Genesis P-Orridge at EZTV.

This documentary was created at the request of London's Institute of Contemporary Art where it premiered.

Outside Looking In: One Last Visit With Dr. Timothy Leary


Dr. Timothy Leary

Michael J. Masucci, Kate Johnson, Natasha Vita-More

Michael J. Masucci

Michael J. Masucci

Video Documentary