James Carroll Pickett's "dream Man", 2009

Michael Kearns

Trailer for the 2009 revival of James Carroll Pickett's 1988 breakthrough masterpiece of LGBTQ+ theater. Michael Kearns's vivid direction of the role he premiered triumphantly at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, is brought to uncompromising life over 20 years later by Jimmy Shaw.

James Carroll Pickett (1949-94) was a pioneer in Gay theater. Dream Man is an aria for the brokenhearted, traversing one hour in the life of Christopher, a fantasy phone sex host in the 1980s. Dream Man is about nothing if not the desire to be loved on one's own terms, isolation and loss, digging into the psyche of Everyman's (or Everywoman's) fear of being lost in life's shuffle while trying to sort out the myriad whys and wherefores that make us who we are. Oozing with sexuality, it is about our use of sex to find out who we are.

James Carroll Pickett's "Dream Man"



Jimmy Shaw

Michael Kearns

Michael J. Masucci

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