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We Remember Tony Longson, R.I.P.

January 21, 2021

Tony Longson was a computer artist pioneer and pivotal member of EZTV’s ART 1990 exhibition, as well as several other EZTV-related exhibitions. He was a frequent attender of EZTV Salons, lectures, and panel discussions, and was a relentless voice in the development, proliferation and advocacy of digital tools as mainstream artistic tools. We have been informed by long-time friend, colleague, and fellow computer art pioneer David Em of his recent passing. We will remember him fondly as an innovative artist with his computer-aided works spanning more than 40 years. Rest in peace, Tony.


“GROUP THEORY GRID”, Longson, 1968. Computer-aided. Image sourced from



“THEMES and VARIATIONS”, Longson. Sourced from



“WIRE CONSTRUCTION”, Longson, 1972. Sourced from



Prof. Tony Longson is one of the major innovators and forces in the field of computer graphics. His work is recognized throughout the world, appearing in the Reading University Collection (England); Gemeente Museum (The Hague, Holland); Congressgebouw (Scheveningen, Holland); Arts Council of Great Britain; WED Enterprises (California); Carl Machover Collection; and various private collections.

He is involved in the California State University L.A., U.S.A at the animation degree program with interests in multimedia production.

“Disciplines such as drawing or photography are often refferd to in art education as “visual languages.” I believe that programming is more than a visual language – it is a “creative language.” the program can encapsulate an idea. It providea a vehicle for expressing the idea and a method for discovering a creative solution. Then with the right output mechanism the technology can make the idea visible.” – Tony Longson

(biography sourced from Compart: Center of Excellence Digital Art)

(featured image sourced from ACM SIGGRAPH, “Group Theory Grid”, Longson, 1968)