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The SECOND of FOUR [Annual Artshows] The 1990’s

November 17, 2022

LA SIGGRAPH has just released the September 2022 DIGITAL ART show!


LA ACM SIGGRAPH and the EZTV Online Museum present:

Los Angeles ACM SIGGRAPH x EZTV/CyberSpace Gallery
The SECOND of FOUR [Annual Artshows]  The 1990’s
Presented on September 13, 2022


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Paul Brown, Barbara Nessim, Karl Sims, Vibeke Sorensen, Roman Verostko, in conversation with Michael J. Masucci.

Both the artists and the local organizations that have championed what is likely the greatest cultural advancement since the printing press; and along with their collaborative scientific partners; have paved the way for the world we now take for granted. And through revisiting these past milestones, it provides us with a context to help us better understand the further innovations just on the horizon.


Music Excerpts:

Background for the visual work, ‘Four Dragons’ by Paul Brown
“Root-Chakra” performed by Macroform/Jamendo – via Adobe Stock

Background for the visual work, ‘Dragon’ by Paul Brown;
and before artist segments, “Ambient Drone” performed by Nora_Bee

Background for end credits “Aerate” performed by Higher Power – via Adobe Stock.