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Simone forti

Simone Forti is a dancer/choreographer/writer. In 1955 she began dancing with Anna Halprin who was doing pioneering work in dance improvisation in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 1960 Simone moved to New York City, where she studied composition at the Merce Cunningham Studio with musicologist/dance educator Robert Dunn who was introducing dancers to the work of John Cage. There she met choreographers including Tricia Brown, Steve Paxton and Lucinda Childs, and became a pivotal figure in the Judson Dance Theater community that revolutionized dance in NY in the 1060s and 70s. 

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Nana ghana

My name is Nana Agyapong, from Ghana Africa, having moved to America from the age of thirteen, I attended high school in Parsippany Hills New Jersey. In high school my interest in performing arts began to grow, I participated in theater shows from my junior and senior year until I got my Diploma in 2002.

A passion for filmmaking drove me to Venice Beach California where I continued my career as a working model. In between shoots my passion for film had taken over, I have acted in several shorts and independent films and became inspired to write a feature film script based on my experiences growing up in my native country. 

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Carol Gillam

Carol Gillam began practicing law in 1978 in Chicago. She moved to Los Angeles in 1981 and joined the firm of Irell and Manella. She became a federal prosecutor in 1988, as an Assistant United States Attorney in the Criminal Division of the US Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles. While there she prosecuted numerous well publicized cases, including a notorious case involving abuses of migrant workers.

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Anna Homler

“The inspiration for my work comes from the realm of myths and dreams. I like to combine ordinary objects in unexpected ways so that their symbolic nature is revealed and new levels of meaning unfold. Many of my pieces are miniature stage sets where the commonplace and the extraordinary exist simultaneously, creating a landscape the imagination of the viewer is invited to inhabit.”

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kate johnson

Kate Johnson is a video artist and Emmy® Award winning filmmaker. Throughout her career she has created work that explores the intersections between memory and presence, perception and reality, and the momentary nature of existence. Informed by a combination of influences ranging from her work in college on archeological digs, to collaborations with choreographers and performers, and her immersion into video and computer art when she joined EZTV, she pulls from poetry and magic realism, as well as themes around emerging technology and its confluence with our humanity. When asked what her medium is she often answers: time.

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Linda lack, ph.d

Linda Lack, Ph.D., has dedicated her life to the study of the human body and its relationship to breath and movement. She is an international academic lecturer/researcher, movement/yoga therapist, dancer, and ritualist whose technique The Thinking Body-The Feeling Mind® is practiced and taught at her studio in Los Angeles and throughout the United States as well as parts of Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

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Dianne Magee

“I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma but spent my middle school and high school years in Oklahoma City. It was a great place to grow up and it was there I first discovered the arts, especially ballet and Native American art. I graduated from the University of Kansas (BA English 1963) and from the University of Michigan Law School (JD 1966). Following law school graduation, I practiced law in New York City for 12 years. Living in New York City gave me the opportunity to take advantage of all the arts that city has to offer–and all reachable by bus or subway."

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