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Nana Ghana

My name is Nana Agyapong, from Ghana Africa, having moved to America from the age of thirteen, I attended high school in Parsippany Hills New Jersey. In high school my interest in performing arts began to grow, I participated in theater shows from my junior and senior year until I got my Diploma in 2002.

After high school I moved to New York City where I began modeling. In between castings, photo shoots and waiting tables I was studying acting as a dedicated student at the HB acting studio with Salem Ludwig for two years. While in New York I was also an active member of the Shea theater group in Harlem. Although Life in New York was hard work, the challenge helped me realize my talents and what I wanted to do with my life.

A passion for filmmaking drove me to Venice Beach California where I continued my career as a working model. In between shoots my passion for film had taken over, I have acted in several shorts and independent films and became inspired to write a feature film script based on my experiences growing up in my native country. Having been a poet since my youngest years in Ghana, I realized my writing abilities through my Stanford Meinsner studies, at the Ruskin Theater. I realized there are so many stories I have been lucky enough to live that I must begin to write it and share them.

Since graduating from University of California Los Angeles in the Film making program, I have been working extensively on short films and developing my film project “ Place in the Shade” in to be produced and shot in Takoradi Ghana. With “A Place In The Shade” I want to use the medium of filmmaking to shed a positive light on the African and black faces from all of Africa’s Diaspora. To give real illumination to our struggles and triumph, richness and poverty. To reveal our tension in being challenged by our lack of water and food, the solidarity in our spirits, ancestors, life and music and the community in our suffering and smiling. I am creating this film “A Place In The Shade” to open a dialogue among African people everywhere, to start by looking within ourselves and build a better community together through education, Democracy strength and Unity.

works by Nana ghana

L.A. Woman Project Documentary, 2013

Kate Crash