Explore over 40 years of diverse narratives and works of artists associated with the Southern California Media Arts movement known as EZTV. 

Explore over 40 years of diverse narratives and works of artists associated with the Southern California Media Arts movement known as EZTV. 

EZTV is a community-based, artist-run organization and a focal point of the independent video revolution.

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From humble beginnings in creating BETAMAX videos to exhibiting large-scale projections onto buildings, EZTV has championed the independent media arts, including but not limited to, video, digital, performance art and music. The mission of this online museum is devoted to collecting, examining, and contextualizing works by members and collaborators from the past and in presenting the works of those who still remain close to our network. 

In reckoning with the past, we tell the untold story of the many talented artists that have passed through our doors.

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Our largest collections of artwork, digital videos, and public event materials reside within the Periods Exhibit. Here you can discover the distinctive and vast changes throughout EZTV’s creative 4o-year history. 

The West Hollywood Years

The Melrose Avenue Years

The LACE Years

The 18th Street Arts Center Years

The Periods Exhibit

CyberSpace Gallery

Founded in 1992, CyberSpace Gallery became one of the world’s first galleries dedicated to digital art. A logical extension of EZTV, it was Southern California’s ‘ground zero’ for the transition from desktop analog to desktop digital production.

CyberSpace Gallery Exhibit

LA woman Project

Premiered as part of the 18th Street Art Center participation in the Getty’s "Pacific Standard Time" (PST), the LA Woman Project is a raw-form documentary & interview collection of LA-based female artists spanning over multiple generations. 

LA Woman Project

Articles & Essays

Read and explore the expressionistic narratives of EZTV's principals that span over four decades of this alternative art space. Essays are by our organization's two principal players: Michael J. Masucci and Kate Johnson.

Articles & Essays

art 1990

Art 1990 Exhibit

Curated by Patric Prince, Art 1990 was an exhibition held at EZTV that included works by Victor Acevedo, Rebecca Allen, David Em, and Vibeke Sorensen.

Meet founder john dorr

John Dorr: The Legacy

John Dorr (1947-1993) had a vision for the wide-spread use and acceptance of feature-length narrative cinema created on home analog video equipment. It was this vision that led to the creation of one of the world's first video theaters, computer art galleries, and independent media centers. 


Kate Johnson: In Memoriam

Kate Johnson (1969-2020) was a hyphenate. An exemplar of the evolution of the new creative class of the 21st Century. Here we celebrate her life and her works as one of the driving forces behind EZTV. She will be remembered as an artist, filmmaker, publisher, educator, and friend.

Nov 17, 2022

Singer/songwriter/actor Makani Nalu, a part of EZTV’s family for almost a decade now, premiered her new album “Dreamer and a Drifter” in front of an intimate audience of appreciative fans in October 2022. In the spirit of NPR’s popular “Tiny Desk” concert series, the “Messy Desk” series will offer occasional live performances within the Kate Johnson Memorial […]

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Nov 17, 2022

LA SIGGRAPH has just released the September 2022 DIGITAL ART show!   LA ACM SIGGRAPH and the EZTV Online Museum present: DIGITAL ART: Los Angeles ACM SIGGRAPH x EZTV/CyberSpace Gallery The SECOND of FOUR [Annual Artshows]  The 1990’s Presented on September 13, 2022    The 1990’s” /]   Presenters: Paul Brown, Barbara Nessim, Karl Sims, […]

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Nov 10, 2022

As part of an early November 2022 series at Anthology Film Archives in NYC, concerning films involving ufology, EZTV’s Michael J. Masucci was interviewed in Screen Slate’s magazine. The interview was transcribed into an in-depth article about Masucci’s work, including his partnership with the music/video duo Vertical Blanking, as well as EZTV and its greater context.   […]

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our mission

The mission of this online museum, still in its early development, is to collect, examine, present, and contextualize the diverse narratives and works of the artists associated with the Southern California Media Arts movement known as EZTV. Not to be confused with the much younger bit torrent of the same name or the various other more recent entities with the same name, this group of artists dates back to 1979 and championed the independent media arts, including but not limited to video, digital, large-scale projection, performance art and music. In addition, collaborative partners, and other similar such groups will be discussed.
This museum intends to present both works from the past as well as contemporary efforts. And will also consider where the ever-expanding field of the media arts will evolve towards. An ever-growing collection of both artworks as well as ephemera, including relevant EZTV archives and other associated materials housed in the permanent collections of USC’s ONE Archives, the Victoria & Albert Museum’s Patric Prince Computer Art Archives, UCLA Library’s Zina Bethune Archives, the Santa Monica Public Art Collection and other sources as they become known.
This initial website intends to evolve into a bone fide online museum that has conceptual similarities to physical house museums or neighborhood museums. The focus will initially be on a specific local community yet will correlate the works presented to consideration of international arts practices.