Our largest collections of artwork, digital videos, and public event materials reside within the Periods Exhibit. Here you can discover the distinctive and vast changes throughout EZTV’s creative 4o-year history. 

The West Hollywood Years

The Melrose Avenue Years

The LACE Years

The 18th Street Arts Center Years

The Periods Exhibit

CyberSpace Gallery

Founded in 1992, CyberSpace Gallery became one of the world’s first galleries dedicated to digital art. A logical extension of EZTV, it was Southern California’s ‘ground zero’ for the transition from desktop analog to desktop digital production.

CyberSpace Gallery Exhibit

LA woman Project

Premiered as part of the 18th Street Art Center participation in the Getty’s "Pacific Standard Time" (PST), the LA Woman Project is a raw-form documentary & interview collection of LA-based female artists spanning over multiple generations. 

LA Woman Project


Read and explore the expressionistic narratives of EZTV's principals that span over four decades of this alternative art space. Essays are by our organization's two principal players: Michael J. Masucci and Kate Johnson.


art 1990

Art 1990 Exhibit

Curated by Patric Prince, Art 1990 was an exhibition held at EZTV that included works by Victor Acevedo, Rebecca Allen, David Em, and Vibeke Sorensen.

Meet founder john dorr

John Dorr: The Legacy

John Dorr (1947-1993) had a vision for the wide-spread use and acceptance of feature-length narrative cinema created on home analog video equipment. It was this vision that led to the creation of one of the world's first video theaters, computer art galleries, and independent media centers. 


Kate Johnson: In Memoriam

Kate Johnson (1969-2020) was a hyphenate. An exemplar of the evolution of the new creative class of the 21st Century. Here we celebrate her life and her works as one of the driving forces behind EZTV. She will be remembered as an artist, filmmaker, publisher, educator, and friend.

Nov 3, 2021

In celebration of 42 years of digital, performance and video arts, EZTV, LA’s pioneering community-based independent artist-driven and run organization, will present a special in-person and via Zoom one-night event. Screenings, visual art and spoken word will take place. Beginning with a preshow including classic EZTV videos with the psychedelic philosopher Dr. Timothy Leary (1920-96), […]

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Sep 10, 2021

Donna Sternberg & Dancers in “Earth Body” choreography by Donna Sternberg – Photo by Mara Zaslove   Featured, among others, in the 2021 Toronto Dance Festival (Thu, Sep 9, 2021 – Sat, Sep 18, 2021) will be “Earth Body”, directed by EZTV’s Michael J. Masucci, choreographed by Donna Sternberg & Dancers, and scientist Devavani Chatterjea. […]

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Aug 13, 2021

(Information and Featured Image sourced from   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   DATE: August 11, 2021 CONTACTS: Constance Farrell, Public Information Officer   Artist Fellowships Presented to Five Nationally-Known Local Artists and Program Names New Award inMemory of Local Filmmaker and Digital Artist  SANTA MONICA, Calif. – The Santa Monica Artist Fellowship program, now in its twelfth year, is the City’s highly regarded individual artist grant program that awards two […]

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