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With over 20 years as a professional media artist and co-director of EZTV, we celebrate the life of our beloved Kate Johnson who left us prematurely on March 27, 2020. She had the heart and soul of an artist combined with the mind and hands of an engineer. She left behind a legacy and a kind footprint in the world of art... 

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Not to be confused with the younger Bit Torrent of the same name, EZTV is a community-based artist run organization and a focal point of the independent video revolution. With roots dating back to 1979, EZTV is among the first independent art spaces dedicated to video and to digital art. EZTV pioneered the use of video projection as a tool for legitimate exhibitions. The original artifacts; videos, posters, photos, etc..., from this Online Museum are curated from the archives of several collections.


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This site coincides with the four part series at the Kandinsky Library, Centre Pompidou, facilitated by researchers Sybille de Laurens and Pascaline Morincome, including 2 screenings of early EZTV works, and culminating on June 21st, 2019, with a public seminar/presentation by EZTV’s Kate Johnson & Michael J. Masucci.