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Vanessa Blaylock

Digital avatar self portrait of Vanessa Blaylock

Vanessa Blaylock is an artist, blogger/web publisher, digital activist, avatar performer, scholar, and educator. She teaches at Erasmus University, The Hague, and is the initiator and facilitator of Blueberry Blintz, an online cohort of artists/scholars. She holds an MFA in new media and a BFA in choreography.
Blaylock creates performances in a variety of digitally mediated online environments and communities, staging non-location based pieces for both virtual as well as physical audiences worldwide. 

In her works with EZTV, she utilized the 3D virtual world "Second Life" in which users can create and connect with others from around the globe. 

Vanessa Blaylock as a young dance student in Hong Kong


"Fly-By" was a live 15-minute, site-specific multimedia performance for dancers, telematic avatar performers, musicians, video installation, and drone camera pilot. 

Performed on May 31st, 2014, it was part of the outdoor art exhibition ONE Night: EZTV, LA ACM SIGGRAPH, and Digital Art in West Hollywood. This exhibition was the finale of a three-month long retrospective series about EZTV's history, presented by ONE Museum and Archives at USC.

Concept: Michael J. Masucci
Choreography: Donna Sternberg
Avatar Choreography: Vanessa Blaylock
Composer: David Raiklen
Producers: Joan Collins, David Frantz, Kate Johnson
Tech. Dir./Assoc. Producer: Marc Rosenthal
Scientific Consultants: Gregory Tarle, PHD, Brian Nord, PHD
Drone Captain: Nina Rota
Drone Pilot: Bernie Seidler