History of Eztv

The application of critical thinking regarding the EZTV and CyberSpace Gallery histories can be seen either as the development and operation of a number of separate art spaces, as well as seen through a number of various and simultaneous genres or bona fide art movements. The diverse group of EZTV’s core artists resulted in investigation into cultural pluralisms, ranging from conceptualism to agitprop.

Much of EZTV’s history must be contextualized in terms of social entrepreneurship and public practice. It’s pro bono support for numerous socially progressive issues, is reflected in its various events as well as productions such as the 2005 Cine Golden Eagle winning PSA for California Lawyers for the Arts (right).

But its curatorial as well as its own in-house production diversity is best described through a variety of genres, all being presented concurrently, such as:

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Loren Denkler & Dancers

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community involvement

Local WeHo Politician event at EZTV, 1988

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"Rimbaud in LA" (1982)

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digital video

"Quantum Entanglement"
byMichael J. Masucci, 2003

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wall art exhibitions

painting by Mark Gash, 1995

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large scale projections

opening for PST, Getty Museum
by Kate Johnson, 2011