Reported in the LA Times, in 2009, LACMA’s Govin was being paid almost $1 million. The US Pres gets $475,000. In an industry where living artists often do not get paid anything to be exhibited in a museum, this seems outrageous. If he were paid half as much, then approximately $500,000 could be distributed annually to living artists.
But large-scale museums are businesses, even though they are defined as non-profits.
In clear contrast, alternatives spaces, often by-pass the bureaucracy level, and are artist-run.
In my view, if the same artists are exhibiting in mainstream contemporary art museums and simultaneously in alternative art spaces, then these are not alternative spaces, but satellite spaces. Now, I am in no way saying there is anything wrong with non-alternative spaces. They are an integral apstr of the cultural continuum whose exploration gives a true sense of today’s cultural anthropology.
I feel the same situation exist in so-called ‘independent film-making’. This year, Argo won both the Oscar and the Spirit awards, This negates for me the usefulness of the Spirit.
Feminist, Latino, African-American, Asian and other traditionally under-represented communities created their own alternative spaces. EZTV’s large percentage of openly LGBTQ founding members, at a time when such self-description was career suicide, is a striking example of an alternative space.

What is an Alternative Space?

by michael masucci

What is an alternative space?

"What is an Alternative Space?"
Written by Michael J. Masucci

(A Work in Progress)