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Thanks and Acknowledgements

EZTV/CyberSpace Online Museum gratefully acknowledges the indispensable help, in both resources, input, critique and development of the following individuals and organizations, whose efforts have resulted in this online archive of videos and ephemera:


David Evans Frantz, Curator, ONE, National Gay & Lesbian Archives, USC Library


Genie Guerard, Manuscripts Librarian, UCLA Library Special Collections


Victor Acevedo


Nicole Rademacher


Joan Collins, Chair Emeritis, LA-SIGGRAPH


Alex Donis, Curator, COLAB, Pacific Standard Time


Jan Williamson, Executive Director, 18th Street Arts Center


Robert Gelman, BGA Media


Michael Kearns


Susanna B. Dakin


Stefano Di Paola, Project Associate, ONE, National gay & lesbian Archives, USC Library


Andrea Foenandar, graduate student, RCA, London


Clayton Cambell


Kate Crash


Nina Rota


Barbara T. Smith


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EZTV Archive is an organization-in-residence at the 18th Street Art Center, Santa Monica, CA.


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