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Strawn Bovee


Strawn Bovee  created and hosted two original programs and broadcast live on KPFK FM radio for over twenty years:  FutureWatch, which tracked evolving concepts in science and religion, and Ritual Life, which explored the creation of meaning through the connectivity of ritual in personal, civic, and spiritual life.


In the late 70s, Strawn was one of the core group of artists who helped John Dorr found EZTV, an early video group that modeled the seismic technological shift in contemporary popular culture. She performed in many betamax videos and produced others.  In the 80s, she created and performed an installation-based interdisciplinary performance series, An Astral Tea Party, at the EZTV Video Gallery. ATP featured interactive encounters among non-performers and performers that focused around specific conundrums. The series brought together such disparate practitioners as: physicists, engineers, priests, professors, psychoanalysts, Japanese Tea Masters, jugglers, comedians, magicians, musicians, video artists, actors and, importantly, audience, within an immersive fantasy space.


Working as dramaturge for dance theater with choreographer Rudy Perez, Strawn crafted text from news reports, literary sources, science, prayer and her original writing and, on the traditional stage, she has appeared in leading and supporting roles in dozens of plays ranging from classical to contemporary theater. She worked with founder of the downtown LA performance-art scene, Scott Kelman, and served on his board. Her most recent stage appearance was for playwright, Murray Mednick. Strawn has also appeared in television, commercials, interactive games, and Hollywood and Independent films. Her next performance will be with video artist Bill Viola.










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