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Posthumous - John Dorr


EZTV’s founder John Dorr was a videomaker, theorist, curator and activist. He was a graduate of Yale and then worked at UCLA, and as a writer for the Hollywood Reporter, Millimeter, and other publications. He worked for a time as a publicist for the seminal LA based film festival – FILMEX.


He also worked on and off in the mainstream film industry prior to the founding of EZTV.During this time he worked as a script supervisor on low budget features and had several of his original screenplays optioned, but never produced.


In 1979, he began to experiment with producing full-length films on home betamax analog video equipment, and in the next three years, created four such video features.


Inspired by the independence, low-cost and flexible which home video offered, he created EZTV Video Gallery in 1983, in collaboration with a number of founding members.


During his time at EZTV, he served as producer of the 26 part documentary series of leading writers, “The Lannon Literary Series”


He died of AIDS complications on January 1, 1993.


His last known resume, from 1988 is available here: COMING SOON


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