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LA Woman Project

Profiling pioneering, emerging, innovative and otherwise compelling Los Angeles-based female artists, philosophers and social entrepreneurs. Kate Crash is an artist, musician and writer. As a graduate of CalArts, she wondered why so many influential and remarkable female artists and associated thinkers and activists, had been left out of what was otherwise an excellent education. She sought to create a documentary about multiple generations of such LA based female arts based professionals. LA Woman is an experiment in evolving the documentary form into being something more representative of the subject, rather than an over editorialized construction of interviews, and archival “B-roll” materials. The intention was to simply let the women talk as director Crash put it “in their own words and contexts”  In addition to a 50 minute linear film, LA Woman is perhaps, more importantly, a database of  over 120 short video clips of key insights and perspectives from the women, each on their own page with this online museum site.



EACH WOMAN WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONTENT (Bio, photos) ON THEIR OWN PAGE, and no attempt to unify the look or design of these pages was used, in order to preserve the wishes of each woman.























(Click to watch the entire 50 minute film)


(Click to watch all individual women’s clips)




Above: director Kate Crash (center) with Barbara T. Smith ( left ) and Nina Rota (right)




Some of the LA Women:

Top left to right: Susanna B. Dakin, Barbara T. Smith, Kate Crash, Nina Rota, Dr. Linda Lack, S. Pearl Sharp

Bottom left to right: Jesse Bliss, Kate Johnson, Simone Forti, Dianne Magee




Conceived and Directed by artist/musician Kate Crash


Produced and Photographed by Michael J. Masucci


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