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History of EZTV

EZTV is a community-based artist run organization, and a focal point of the independent video revolution.  With roots dating back to 1979, EZTV is among the first independent art spaces dedicated to video and to digital art, EZTV pioneered the use of video projection as a tool for legitimate exhibitions. A brief introduction to the basic timeline of EZTV’s history, and its principal players, is included here.


EZTV’s over-30 year history is divided into five “periods”:


EZTV at 18th Street Art Center (2000-present) Santa Monica, CA


EZTV at LACE (1996-2002) Hollywood, CA


EZTV on Melrose Ave. (1994-1996)  Hollywood, CA


EZTV Video Gallery/Center (1983-1994) West Hollywood, CA


Pre-EZTV (1979-1982)  West Hollywood, CA and New York, N.Y.


In addition to understanding EZTV’s history through its venues and major projects, it must also be contextualized through  informed discussion of two transformational cultural events, the AIDS pandemic and the personal digital revolution.


Added to the numerous completed and exhibited projects presented throughout this online museum, several interesting unfinished projects are also included.


The original artifacts- videos, posters, photos, etc, from this this online museum are curated  from the archives of several collections.


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