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EZTV Archives and Collections

Many of the materials presented in this online museum comes form the Michael J. Masucci & Kate Johnson Media Arts Collection (aka the EZTV Archives)


In addition to this online museum and archive, there are several physical collections of the actual materials used in creating this online museum, as well as many other materials. These collections can be made available, to scholars and researchers. These collections include:


Patric Prince ( art historian, curator and c0-founder of EZTV’s CyberSpace Gallery) at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London


The Michael J. Masucci and Kate Johnson collection @ ONE Gallery, National Gay & Lesbian Archives at USC.


The Michael J. Masucci Antique Hardware Collection at 18th Street Arts Center.


Additionally, online links to a password protected selection of videos, which are not publicly available, may be available to scholars. Please contact the curators here for further information.


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